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Xarelto Lawsuits MDL

Xarelto Lawsuits are starting to become consolidated into a Xarelto Multi District Litigation. First the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multi district District Litigation ordered over 20 cases to federal court in Louisiana. Then 80 Xarelto lawsuits were transferred in Philadelphia to the Complex Litigation Xarelto Litigation Mass Tort Program. The FDA received over 1,000 adverse events reports from Xarelto. This consolidation is not a Xarelto Class Action, but the creation of Xarelto MDL. There are reports that thousands of Xarelto Lawsuits could be filed in this program. Brent Coon and Associates has extensive experience in mass tort programs. Brent Coon and Associates was named “Mass Tort Litigation Department of the Year” by Texas Lawyer for it's work on the BP Oil Spill Litigation.

Brent Coon and Associates have participated in or led in many Multidistrict Litigation (MDL). BCA is currently involved in a long standing BP Oil Spill MDL after filing thousands of claims against BP. BCA also served as Lead Counsel in the litigation following the 2005 Texas City refinery explosion that left 15 workers dead and hundreds more injured. Brent Coon was courted by the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee to head multiple discovery committees after BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill.

Multidistrict litigation is a special federal litigation procedure in order to speed up litigation in complex cases. It created better efficenty in handling plaintiff lawsuits that number in the hundereds or thousands. It consolidates discovery and depositions common in a pretrial proceeding.

The Xarelto MDL filed in the Eastern District of Louisiana is under Judge Fallon who oversaw MDLs for Avandia and Chinese Drywall. If the MDL moves forward there could possibly be a number of bellwether trials. Bellwether trials are common in mass torts as initial trials to get information on the stength of the claims for the both the plantiffs and the defense. This would the same should Xarelto bellwether trials move forward.

Xarelto Side Effects, Uncontrollable Bleeding

The most serious side effect associated with Xarelto is uncontrolable bleeding. Currently, unlike other blood thinning drugs, there is no antidote for Xarelto. This means that if a patient begans to bleed from Xarelto there is no way to reverse this until the Xarelto is completely out of the body. This has resulted in a number of reported Xarelto deaths. A women filed an Xarelto lawsuit in Louisiana after she was prescribed Xarelto and subsequently needed to be hospitalized for severe bleeding. Another women in Illinois also need to be hospitalized after taking Xarelto. There have also been a number of reported deaths caused by Xarelto. Xarelto had been marketed as a superior alternative to Coumadin. However unlike Xarelto, Coumadin does have an antidote than can reverse the medication's effect. The FDA did send a warning letter, there has been no word on if there will be a full scale FDA Xarelto Recall.

How to File a Xarelto Lawsuit

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