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Brent Coon Files Houston Bed Bug Lawsuit


Good night. Sleep tight.
Don’t let the bed bugs bite.
Wake up bright
In the morning light
To do what’s right
With all your might.
(author unknown)

While this poem has been passed along from generation to generation of kids being but to bed rather tongue in cheek, What has recently happened in a local apartment complex, and what is becoming a serious health issue nationally, is not a laughing matter.

Bed bugs, or Cimicids as they are known to in the scientific community, are rapidly increasing in population and pose a renewed serious health risk.

What is worst about bed bugs is that they specifically feed and prey on blood, and the most common Cimicids prey specifically and exclusively on HUMAN blood, hence the reason they are so often found nesting in human bedding. They tend to be nocturnal in nature, which makes the problem even worse, and often as a consequence go unnoticed and untreated for lengthy periods of time. Bed bugs are parasites, and generally immune to most commonly available pesticides. The result of an infestation are rashes, bites, and other disorders, mostly dermal in nature.

JAMA, one of the most notable and respected medical journals, published a health article just a few years ago and concluded that due to the restrictions on previously available and toxic pesticides, immune resistance and the control over their nature predators, such as roaches and spiders, that the bed bug population is rapidly rising across most developed countries again, including America.

These parasites can double in weight on a single feeding on human blood and sustain itself for months without biting again, making control even more difficult. While historically these problems were generally isolated to poor sanitary conditions, such as homeless shelters, barracks and other habitations with less than stellar cleanliness, the durability of these parasites and like of natural or man-made controls has seen them flourish again in hotels, motels, and other hospitality industry facilities….and even personal residences.

While bed bugs are a growing problem, you can fight back. If you have a potential problem with them in your home, contact a pesticide agency. If you have had a problem with them in a rental facility, apartment or hospitality setting such as a hotel, contact us. Nobody knows a pest better than a lawyer.

Recently, BCA was hired to represent two women in Houston who moved into an apartment that contained Bed Bugs.

On December 11, 2015 Brent Coon and Associates filed a lawsuit against BKR Memorial, LLC Individually and D/B/A Memorial Heights at Washington Apartments for money damages under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices — Consumer Protection Act.

On January 13, 2015, Katelyn McClelland and Valerie Palmer executed a one year lease for an apartment at Memorial Heights at Washington Apartments (Memorial Hights) at 201 S Heights Blvd, Houston, Texas.

On their first night at the Memorial Heights apartments, Katelyn McClelland and Valerie Palmer were bitten numerous times by bed bugs, which required medical treatment. They immediately alerted property management Midway Properties of the infestation. Instead of contacting an exterminator and addressing the problem, Midway claimed that Ms. McClelland and Ms. Palmer were responsible for bringing the bed bugs into the apartment. The plaintiff's then personally paid for an exterminator inspector to investigate the bed bugs. The inspector found bed bugs, both living and dead along with shed exoskeletons around the apartment. The investigation concluded the bed bugs were in the apartment long before to Ms. McClelland and Ms. Palmer took residence in the apartment.

Ms. McClelland and Ms. Palmer suffered numerous bed bug bites which required medical attention. Ms. Palmar suffered over 55 bed bites alone. They both suffered an allergic reaction, in addition to having to receive treatment from a dermatologist to prevent permanent scarring. Ms. McClelland and Ms. Palmer incurred thousands of dollars in out of pocket medical expenses. Both also required to pay thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses to replace the property that they had to leave behind because of the infestation as much of the property could not be saved and need to be replaced. Additionally, both women had to pay an exorbitant amount of money to have her clothes, furniture, electronics and other items specially cleaned and treated.

McClelland and Palmer’s prior property was also checked for bed bugs – none were found. “If there are no bed bugs at your old apartment, and lots of old dead bed bugs along with many more live bed bugs that are thriving in your new apartment – there is no room for doubt as to where the bed bugs came from” said Bob Schwartz of Brent Coon & Associates, the attorney representing both for McClelland and Palmer. “Katelyn and Valerie are not trying to get rich here, they simply are trying to get compensated for their damages and suffering. Hopefully, the owners of the apartment will do the right thing”

The bed bug lawsuit seeks compensation for economic damages, mental anguish damages and additional damages. The lawsuit was filed in the District Court of Harris County, Texas.

Bed Bug Lawyer Texas

Houston Bed Bug Lawsuit

There was also a reports of a Bed Bug Lawsuit filed by a California couple who found bed bugs on their vacation in New York city. The couple traveled to the Astor on the Park Hotel on the Upper West Side in Manhattan for a dream vacation on New Year's Eve. They shot video of the bed bug infestation, which you can view below.

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