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Avelox Lawsuits

Brent Coon and Associates are investigating lawsuits over the antibiotic drug Avelox. There are reports of adverse side effects from the drug Avelox which include peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a rare but very serious condition which causes nerve damage. The nerve damage can cause muscle weakness, nerve pain and numbness. In some serious cases the nerve damage caused by Avelox can become permanent. The FDA published a warning about Avelox back in 2013 indicating there is link between Avelox and nerve damage.

Avelox is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic which is manufactured by Bayer AG. Avelox is used to treat bacterial infections. The various types of bacterial infections that Avelox is used to treat are:

  • bronchitis
  • sinusitis
  • skin infections
  • anthraxpneumonia
  • tuberculosis

Avelox and Risks of Nerve Damage

In 2013 the FDA required a label warning be added to Avelox packaging alerting to the risk of nerve damage in various antibacterial fluoroquinolone drugs. You can read Avelox FDA Warning here. In the warning the FDA advises doctors to stop treatments of Avelox if any signs of nerve damage are present. There was an additional study that was released in 2014 which claimed that drugs like Avelox doubles the risk of nerve damage in patients. A woman in California filed a Avelox lawsuit claiming that Avelox caused her to suffer nerve damage. Her Avelox lawsuit claims that Bayer failed to warn patients of the dangerous side effects of Avelox. In addition to the Avelox lawsuit in California, another woman has filed a Avelox lawsuit in Tennessee in 2014. She claims she also suffered nerve damage as a result of Avelox. Her Avelox lawsuit also claims that Bayer of misleading patients and doctors.

Avelox MDL

Recently several plaintiffs law firms have requested that lawsuits for Levaquin, Avelox and Cipro all be consolidated into an MDL in Philadelphia. There are reports of at least 32 lawsuits filed against Bayer Corp over the drugs listed above including Avelox. A multi district litigation or an MDL will help streamline discovery and hopefully speed up the process of the Avelox litigation. Normally in a MDL there would be a handful of Avelox bellwether trials to begin the litigation.

File a Avelox Lawsuit

If you or a loved one have suffered nerve damage from Avelox you may eligible to file an Avelox lawsuit. Due to certain statue of limitations issues, it's best to contact an Avelox as soon as possible. Brent Coon and Associates typically work on a contingency basis, which means there are no out of pocket costs when filing a Avelox lawsuit. Contact the Avelox litigation at Brent Coon and Associates at 855-435-5839 for a free Avelox Lawsuit evaluation. BCA Founder, Brent Coon is a recipient of the Steven Sharp “Trial Lawyer of the Year Award” from the AAJ and the Clarence Darrow Award, a finalist as lawyer of the year with Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, an ALM Top 100 Plaintiff Lawyers in the Country, a founding member of The National Trial Lawyers Association, a Fortune 500 “Top 100 Go To Attorneys” along with numerous other accolades.

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